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Here are websites related to my various interests, including a final section of criticism of some of the views on the above listed sites.

While I don't agree with all of the opinions expressed in the critical links  which, by the way, certainly doesn't mean I disagree with all the points raised in them either  I do believe in the need for reason, honesty, and empiricism in public discourse (as well as in private thought).

I feel it's important to be as objective as possible when developing a perspective by looking at issues from different angles, which should not be construed as the promotion of absolute relativism.
Buddhism: (Where I got my start.)  (Cohort's Buddhist Faith Fellowship of CT)
Yoga:                            (Tai Chi Chuan is technically not a form of Indian Yoga, but a Chinese Taoist martial art that is also a type of moving meditation. In principle, it has broad similarities to Yoga.)


(For more links, references, and info see: Indian Religious Thought)

Other religions: